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Tue Jan 05 2016, 18:41 by Elly

This thread will update with scheduled team meetings and they will appear on the calendar to the left of the forums. Until we have a weekly day/time set they will be update on a meeting specific basis. If you can't make a meeting now, or when they are mor organized please make sure I know, or at least someone else so we're not expecting you to make an appearance.

Our first meeting of season 6 will be tomorrow, January 6th, at 9:30.


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    inb4 season 6


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    inb4 season 6 Empty inb4 season 6

    Post by killrhawk on Sun Dec 27 2015, 23:32

    Hello fellow team mates! With one month(ish) left till the start of the new season, I just thought I'd make a post to see how everyone's doing. What new champs have you dropped, or picked up? Have you been practicing? What are you expecting from the upcoming season? Have any goals for the team, or things that you'd like to see come the new year in terms of strategy, or the way things are run? Lets hear it!

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    Post by Lampz on Sat Jan 02 2016, 14:12

    well so far you've seen my shen/maokai so that makes 2/5 champs that i would be willing to play. i will probably also take up malphite. it seems to me that tank toplaners go really well with me so i should just practice that type of champion. i could be the undying tank that our carries(mid, adc, maybe even jg) need so they can get out that dank dank dps. and i usually don't have a problem with dying in team fights as long as it means we win it(me soaking up al the dmg/abilities). these are my thoughts!

    ps. the reason tan toplaners are good with me is that i am a very passive laner who likes to mostly just farm up and maybe roam around.

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    Post by killrhawk on Sun Jan 03 2016, 01:14

    So I figure I might as well do my own assignment, since nobody else other than Lampz (mad cred) did.

    Champs: So for the preseason, I've been really focusing on picking up as many champions as possible so that no matter who emerges as the strong points of the new season, I should be able to pick it up. I made sure that I've picked up Anivia, who's quickly emerging. Brushed up on my Zed and Fizz skills, mastered the shit out of Vel'Koz, and also did Cass, who I think is going to be a strong pocket pick. In terms of champions that I'm no longer playing, I dropped Kennen, just cause he really doesn't have the strength that I think people think he does. And I dropped Swain, although it breaks my heart. Until  they change his w again, he's really just not worth playing.

    Goals: In terms of what's coming up for the next season, I've got lofty goals. I was already telling Elly this, and he laughed at me, but I think if we really put in some effort, we can do it. I really want to hit platinum in terms of ranked 5's. It's a little lofty, sure. But we've got strong foundations, and can really only go up from here. That said, there's still quite a few things that we need to work on, especially considering that we don't even know where everyone is planning on playing in the upcoming season. And we'll be losing and gaining some new members too, so that'll be an adjustment. All the same, I like our synergy, and think that it'll be easy for the new guy to adjust. TL;DR, plat season 6!

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