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Tue Jan 05 2016, 18:41 by Elly

This thread will update with scheduled team meetings and they will appear on the calendar to the left of the forums. Until we have a weekly day/time set they will be update on a meeting specific basis. If you can't make a meeting now, or when they are mor organized please make sure I know, or at least someone else so we're not expecting you to make an appearance.

Our first meeting of season 6 will be tomorrow, January 6th, at 9:30.


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    Raggin' people out


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    Raggin' people out Empty Raggin' people out

    Post by Elly on Wed Sep 30 2015, 04:00

    Bitchez, use this forum some to talk and such or I'll have Killr biotch slap you all to last tuesday Wink

    Also: Ty, post you full champ pool, your old thread containing only Azir doesn't really contribute to the team.

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    Raggin' people out Empty Re: Raggin' people out

    Post by killrhawk on Wed Sep 30 2015, 04:31

    But Tuesday's my sleeping day ;--;

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